If it's time to refix your mortgage
we can help

When your current loan term is ending, you need to refix (lock-in) a new rate.

And our FREE service could see you paying off your mortgage years in advance!

When your fixed-rate term is ending, if you do nothing, your bank will automatically set a new rate for you.

So it’s always a smart move to do your homework on the offered rate. You know what they say about assumptions, right? Don’t just assume the rate on offer is the best one available.

Top Tip

A rise of just 1% on your rate can cost you thousands over the term of your mortgage.

So before you hit send on that new contract, here's what you need to consider

What's your refix window?

Has your income increased?

What's your plan for your home?

With our FREE service, we can negotiate the best market rate from your lender.

Finding a more competitive rate is faster, and easier when you have immediate access to over 30 lending solutions.

Our personal service means we hear you, and understand your needs.

That helps us help you to get exactly what you need right now. A mortgage structure that works for you so you can get debt free faster. Right?!