Simply put, a mortgage review can be a game-changer

Why do I need one?

Because, life! Circumstances change often and quickly. And it’s easy to forget to do the little things right? Like getting a quick, free Home Loan Health Check to see if you could be saving thousands of dollars a year with a better rate!

This little action could be the best move you ever make in creating your financial freedom.

When should I review?

Your fixed loan rate is about to expire

You receive an inheritance, win lotto, you know, those big lump sum moments

The interest rate on your floating rate changes

Changes are a-foot, like babies, career moves, marriage, divorce, education...

Top Tip

Ask yourself 2 questions:

1. Can I still comfortably afford these payments?

2. Can I find any more $ in my budget to put into repayments?

Get your FREE Home Loan Health Check today and one of our expert advisers will take a look at:

Your repayment amounts

Your current interest rate

in relation to your current life circumstances

Then we’ll come back to you with options that could see you paying your mortgage off years in advance, saving you thousands of dollars in interest along the way.